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Hitag is a device for retailers to be attach to items in the shop. It allows customers to directly pay through their mobiles and check out, skipping the queues at cash counters and it collects in-store efficiency data for retailers in real-time.

Payment, Analytics and Security,
All In One


Your customer will be able to make payments anywhere in the store with their mobile phone.


Track the engagement of your customers with your items in real-time. Do they take them, try them or abandon them, all of it in real-time.


You do not need those EAS tags anymore, because Hitag will secure your items electro-mechanically. It works with your gate keepers and it will notify you when an unauthorised engagement occurs.

Easy to attach,
Easier to detach

Business Buddy App For Your Store Associates

No more loste sales due to stock-outs

We will notify you when an item goes to stock-out, so you won’t lose any sale and your team can focus on selling more instead of finding the missing item on the display.

Increase your display accuracy

Our display accurcay report will show you, if your displays been prepared accurately? You will be able to control every one of your display in real time.

Improve your associate’s performance

Business Buddy gives you a detailed performance report of your associates. Their response rate to stock out, closed sales, display accuracy and many more.

Turn your associates to cashiers

With Business Buddy, your associates will be able to take payment anywhere in the store securely. When the payment is done Hitag will open automatically and releases the item.

Give better assistance to your customers

Business Buddy will show you which products are on display or not. Your store associates will also be able to give great recommendations when customers need assistance.

Customizable in-store To Do List

Create your in-store To Do List for your associates and help them to be productive.

Give Better Decisons
With Business Buddy

Don't Wait To Checkout With Buy Buddy App

  • Scan the QR Code on
  • Click on Buy
  • When the payment is confirmed,
    Hitag will open automatically

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